Bridging the Generations: A Guest Post for (in)courage

February 2, 2015

Good morning friends! Today, I am thrilled to be guest posting over at (in)courage sharing all about one of my absolute favorite people and mentor, Carol Lund, from Bridging the Gap. Here's a portion of my story:
I sit down in her living room, surrounded by other women I’ve come to love. Wearing yoga pants and a comfy sweater, there’s no reason for pretense here. As I look around the room, I realize the unlikeliness of these friendships to an outsider: there are married and unmarried women, those who are mothers and those not, twenty-somethings all the way up to our hostess, Carol, who just celebrated her 50th wedding anniversary. 
We sit and visit and dream about life and the ministry we are all a part of together. And as I watch Carol carefully include everyone in the evening’s conversation, I realize the many things she does to create a bridge across the generations.
You can read the rest of my post over at (in)courage.

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