5 Easy Ways to Show Your Kids Love on Valentine's Day

February 4, 2015

I loved Valentine's Day as a child, mostly because I remember the little things my mom would do to make it special for my sisters and I. For our family,Valentine's Day was more than just a Hallmark holiday for couples, it was a day for showing anyone how much you care for them.

I've continued this tradition with my own kids and come up with some easy and inexpensive ways to celebrate Valentine's Day with them. Here's a list of five easy (and inexpensive!) ways to show your kids love on Valentine's Day:

    Find cute little gifts in the dollar section of your favorite store to put together a small gift for them. Some of my favorites? Stickers, notepads, cute socks, books or candy.  My Mom always gave us a little gift bag on Valentine's Day, and it was a fun way to start the morning.

    Send your child a Valentine while they're at school. Our elementary school sends home little cards about a month before Valentine's Day that we can fill out and they'll deliver with a sucker to our kids' classroom, all for only a dollar! If your school doesn't do this, you could still drop off a little treat in the office for your child to get during the day.

    My sister Kristin tells the story about how, each year during middle school and high school, names would be called out in alphabetical order over the intercom at the end of the day for those students who had received flowers. While other girls were in agony over whether or not their crush-of-the-moment would send them something, Kristin never worried about it -- because our Dad ALWAYS sent flowers to school for her, without fail. It was something she looked forward to, and a tradition she hopes her husband will continue for their own girls.

    Write a note on your child's napkin and put it in their lunch box. Send a special treat with their meal.

    Make your kids' favorite meal. My kids love certain meals or dishes. Usually they are something really simple that they want (pizza, anyone?!). They always love when I let them pick the food for a meal. We also do this on their birthday.

    Decorate the dinner table with Valentine paper products, make individual place mats for everyone and write something you love about them, something you're proud of them for or appreciate about them on the placemat. Then during the meal have each child share what is written on their placemat. After they've shared, it might be a good time to ask your children what they love best about each of their siblings and parents.
    No matter what you choose to do, it only takes a little thought and planning to make it a special day for your family! Don't have time to go to the store? We've found some cute things over at Dayspring for kids on Valentine's Day!

    What are you planning to do to show others you care this Valentine's Day? (In case you missed it, we're plotting out ways to be a Secret Valentine this year!) 

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