Enjoying My Pasture

August 15, 2012

Today I attended a Women In Ministry Luncheon. It was a place for women who are in ministry to come together, connect with each other, offer support and make connections. It was beautiful. Women from all different denominations coming together to enjoy lunch and be encouraged in the little corner of the world God has placed them. I found myself in a place to simply sit back and take a breath. 

The speaker talked about the “pasture” that God has you in right now and enjoying, learning and growing as much as you can, right where you are. Whether that means you’re in a lush, green pasture or a difficult, hard or dry place, God has you there for a purpose and will move you on to a new pasture in his timing. It was a good reminder to all of us women who at times struggle with contentment and who want to push ahead in our lives or our families lives to get to the next place, a better place, we presume. 

I was taken back to four years ago when my husband and I were facing one of the most challenging situations of our lives, the possibility that we might lose our foster daughter to another family, and at a point where I didn’t think I could handle the pain, the suspense of the unknown anymore, I cried to my husband: “I wish we could just fast forward six months down the road! I just wish this time could be over and we knew what was going to happen!” And in the tender way that my husband so usually meets my freak-outs he stated, “Oh honey, and what about the thing that will come after this? Will we fast forward again? And then again? Before you know it, we’ll simply be at the end of our lives.” And I knew he was right. 

How quickly I want to move from the place that God has me. I think its time for another pasture; one that’s green and I can know and understand everything in that place. But rarely am I there. And I’m learning that being in a place of unknown, where I don’t understand everything that’s happening, or I’m having to trust God in some new area of my life that he’s leading me to, that’s where my faith grows. That’s where I most sense him and that’s where he meets me. In the hard place. And there is something that I am learning through every pasture that God takes me: He is faithful. I know it’s not terribly profound. It’s simple really, but it will transform the way you walk through life if you grasp it. My God is faithful. His promises are true. He doesn’t leave us or forsake us. And he will continue to guide us through every pasture of our lives. Oh, that I would remember this everyday. That I could learn contentment, right where I am, right where my children are, and be okay to be in the process. 

Lord, I pray that this would be my prayer, daily. That I would be content right where I am and I would learn to celebrate with other women where God has them. That I wouldn’t wish away or push ahead in my life, dreaming of a future that may or may not ever be my reality. That I would find peace in my daily life, to simply hear your voice, and be content to follow you, in the large and small things. In Jesus Name, Amen.

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