Community Across Cultures

August 10, 2012

I just returned from a mission’s trip to Panama the beginning of this week. As I have tried to catch up on sleep and returning to our normal family routine I have begun to reflectively process all that I experienced while there. 

As I sit in the mornings with my cup of coffee trying to capture moments in my journal so as not to forget, one thing that has come to my mind often was the camaraderie of all of us who went. It was amazing to see teams of people who had never met from Minnesota, New Jersey, Arizona, Louisiana and Panama come together to form one team to meet the needs of kids and girls in Panama. I was struck by how all over the world there are other Christians who are striving to accomplish all that God has asked of them, and daily, sometimes hourly, relying on him for strength and wisdom. 

It felt encouraging to me, like a warm blanket that gets wrapped around you on a cold winters night. And I was surprised by the comfort I found in others I just met, those I barely knew, or who didn’t even speak the same language, all who came with the same purpose in mind. Maybe it’s because I didn’t realize that I’d become a little discouraged in my own life and purpose. It seems I’d been stuck in my own little group of people striving to do the work God had set before us, that I didn’t realize I’d begun to feel like we were somewhat alone. Like not everyone is interested in doing more for God, in sacrificing, in living a life beyond just the day to day that we all have to do. 

Panama gave me a renewed vision for what God is doing all over the world, the assurance that we’re not alone, that others are continuing to run the race set before them and there are strength in numbers. 

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