5 Conversations Every Mom Should Have with Their Tween Daughter

February 19, 2021

As mothers with daughters, we want to keep the lines of communication open with our children. There are many conversations we want to continue to have with our kids as they grow. Here are five of the most important ongoing conversations we want to have with our girls on a consistent basis.

  • Explain what healthy boundaries looks like in relationships. We need to teach our girls that no means no, it’s okay to say no, and that consent is important. Let your daughter know that if she is in an uncomfortable situation, she can call you and you will come get her immediately.
  • Discuss what to do when a friend shares something that is harmful to themselves or others and needs to be shared with a trusted adult. (Some examples could be: suicidal thoughts, abusive situations, drug/vaping use.)
  • Discuss boundaries around social media. Talk about what’s appropriate to post or not post, who you should allow to be friends with you or not,  what to do when someone posts something that is concerning, and when an adult should be brought in on a conversation.
  • Teach them to recognize and silence their inner critic. Remind them of God’s love for them and the valuable and unique way that he made them. Praise them often, calling out their God-given talents, letting them know that you believe in them and their dreams and will always be there to support them.
  • Remind them of your unconditional love. It may seem like it goes without saying, but be intentional to tell them often that they do not need to earn your love or be afraid of losing your love, no matter that happens. They can come to you with any concern or problem—no subject is off-limits to talk about with you.
Our girls face many challenges in the world today. Having regular conversations with them around these five topics will remind them that we love them, are here for them, and will face any challenge or concern that comes up in their lives alongside them. 

Are you looking for more resources? Our devotional, The 100 Daily Acts of Friendship for Girls, is written specifically for girls aged 8-12 as they navigate friendships in upper elementary and middle school. With a scripture, short story, reflection questions and 50 fun activities to do with you or friends,
it's a wonderful way to encourage your daughter, niece, granddaughter, goddaughter and her friends to build healthy friendships from an early age.

Finally—have you checked our adult friendship devotional, The One Year Daily Acts of Friendship? It's a perfect complement to our book for tweens.

We would love to walk alongside you in encouragement, inspiration, and community.

Kendra, Julie, and Kristin

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P.S. Still looking for more resources? We've also written two kindness devotionals, The One Year Daily Acts of Kindness Devotional and 100 Days of Kindness. They tell the story of how our families embarked on a one-year journey of kindness, and include our successes, failures, and the encouragement you need as a family to incorporate kindness into your own life. 

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