4 Ways to Stay Connected With Friends

April 28, 2020

As we enter yet another week under a stay-at-home order, my extrovert self has become a bit desperate. I miss my friends! I miss being near the people I love! I miss quiet back patio conversations in the evenings while our kids play and our husbands grill.

In the midst of feeling sad and disconnected, my friends and family have reconnected in some really creative, fun, life-giving ways. Some of these ideas might work for you and your loved ones:

1. Marco Polo. I'd heard of the Marco Polo app several years ago but never got around to trying the video messenger app. I currently have multiple friend group conversations going on Marco Polo, and it has become my friend lifeline during this season of life. I especially love that video messages can be recorded at any time and watched later. I often watch the day's videos as I cook dinner, as I snuggle into bed for the night, or as I get up and have my first cup of coffee. We've laughed, cried, and lived a lot of real life with one another over this app.

2. Snail Mail Tea Party. I had a stash of cute note cards from our pre-pandemic life, and I've started sending them off to friends, family, and anyone else who crosses my mind during this time. Did you know a tea bag can be mailed in a card without needing any additional postage? Yep! You can send your friends a cup of tea and a sweet note as a day brightener. If you don't have cute note cards, don't sweat it. I've been known to use a piece of notebook paper with my own silly sketches for decoration.

3. Video Conference Game Night. We have a weekly video chat with my husband's family. It's become a favorite weekly activity as all the cousins gather around and join in the conversation. We've created an agenda of sorts - we spend a few minutes talking about how our weeks have gone before answering an ice breaker question (where do you want to travel to, where would you like to live, etc...). As the conversation slows down, we start a virtual game. We've played Pictionary on the Zoom white board, and have played card games and Bingo through online websites. We're learning things we never knew about one another, and the cousins add a layer of hilarity to everything with their funny comments.

4. Texted Prayers. I adopted this habit several years ago, long before COVID-19. Rather than telling someone I'm praying for them in response to hard news, I've started pausing whatever it was I was doing to send them a prayer via text. There is something incredibly powerful about being able to reread words someone has prayed over you while sitting in the doctor's office, or while laying awake up in the middle of the night with worry. Don't be self-conscious about praying "out loud"—the words you write will be precious to the recipient, even if they aren't perfect.

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