No risk, no fun

April 10, 2017

Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight. Proverbs 3:5-6

It was a warm, sunshine-y day in late January as we stood on a gently curving path leading us toward the Sedona Red Rocks. The sun's rays felt like molten gold on my pale skin, and I watched as my children skipped happily back and forth along the meandering trail - running ahead before circling back to the slowly ambling grownups.

As we approached the base of Bell Rock, a giant rock that vaguely resembles a bell but looks, to me, like a double scoop of reddish oozing ice cream plopped onto the hard earth, we couldn't help but notice the tiny, ant-sized people standing at the very tiptop of the rock.

Noticing those foolishly intrepid souls, my daughter turned to us and with excitement in her voice, asked if she couldn't pretty please climb to the top, too. Sharing a glance that must have communicated our reluctance, my husband and I started quietly discussing whether or not the climb was doable and, more importantly, safe.
 We strolled as we talked, and as I drew near to Lizzie I heard her softly talking to herself. Intentionally tuning into her one-sided conversation, I suddenly realized that she was muttering the following over and over:

"No risk, no fun. No risk, no fun. No risk, no fun."

My momma heart stuttered momentarily at her words, as I realized yet again that my daughter's love of adventure colors how she sees the world in a way that sometimes makes me a little nervous.

In the end we compromised, and my husband and children climbed 3/4th's of the way to the top of Bell Rock, texting photos of the beautiful views, the twisting path, and two smiling children as they hiked while my mom and I basked on a sunny rock near the bottom.

In the months since that day, I've been processing my daughter's words as it pertains to my faith journey as well as the faith journeys of so many others that I know and love.

Faith in God can sometimes feel risky. We are almost always required to step outside of our comfort zones and trust God without knowing the details of how it is going to work out. Jesus was counter-cultural, and we are often asked to be the same - and that can feel scary and hard. And yet God is good, a father who guides, protects, and who delights in walking his sons and daughters along the cliffs and the narrow, twisting paths instead of the broad avenues that are safe, predictable and followed by so very many others.

The question is whether or not we are going to answer his call on our lives, saying "yes" in faith and trusting that God will make out paths straight. Friends, saying "yes" to God, even when it feels scary - especially when if feels scary - is always, always worth it.

Heavenly Father, thank you for inviting us to step beyond our own understanding and trust you with our whole hearts. Thank you for the cross, for the risks those original disciples took when they decided to follow hard after Jesus, for the risks you ask us to take in our own faith journeys. Thank you for your faithfulness in response to obedience, and that your plans are bigger than anything we can begin to imagine when we respond to your invitation. We pray for peace over the hearts, families and homes of every woman standing on the edge of her comfort zone, contemplating her "yes" this Holy Easter week. In Jesus' precious name, amen.

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  1. Julie, I love your kidlet and her walk (run?) of faith. Someone said that we are to take risks for God but I thought then as now, it's only a risk when we don't. Easily said, not so easily led. Blessings on your risk-taking for heaven's sake, Sue

  2. PS And so good to see the Ruth Experience again (next to you at Jennifer's late in the day in CA)

    1. Sue! It's so nice to see your comments, I was just thinking about you the other day and said a little prayer that you were well :)


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