The Dinner I Didn't Want to Host

March 14, 2017

I am thrilled to have been asked to join the Thrive Moms writing team this year! Thrive Moms is a site that offers support and encouragement to moms in the midst of everyday life through weekly posts, bible studies, online retreats and even local mom meet ups. I have found such encouragement from following them the past few years, I know you will too. Here's a post about a recent dinner I really didn't want to host...

My husband invited some friends for dinner and honestly, I was annoyed. I’d spent the week home with our kids and would have liked nothing better than a quiet night out with my husband. Ever the host, when an old friend called, my husband quickly invited him and his family over to our house that Saturday night.
I was a bit disgruntled as I helped my husband prepare food and our house for company. You can read the rest of my post here. 

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