25 Acts of Kindness {2016 Edition}

November 21, 2016

Wow, it's now been five years since we began incorporating kind acts into our families’ holiday activities—acts that have now weaved themselves into family traditions, right alongside decorating the tree and hanging stockings.

Sometimes the simplest of ideas can produce the most profound change in us and in those around us, in ways we’d never have known when we’d first begun. For us, these acts of kindness have become so much more than just something we do during the Christmas season. They have become the catalyst that has shifted the way that we see people, needs, and even the way we see God.

We now notice so much more of the pain and suffering that is occurring in our world—but instead of quickly averting our eyes or ignoring it, we walk towards the pain, extending out our hands with what may seem on the surface to be one small act of kindness, but turns into so much more. An altered perspective; a lesson for our children or ourselves. A willingness to be vulnerable even when it hurts.  And, on the very best of days, a small glimpse of the way in which God's grace can bring light to the dark places in this world. 

This year it feels almost more important than it ever has to extend kindness to others around us. To hold out a hand of love in the things that we say, the things we do, and the things that we give away. This year is a year to combat hate, remembering that we are all created in the image of our God and therefore have value, that we are all worthy of love and grace and understanding.

This year, more than ever, let’s be the hands and feet of a Savior who came to bring Good News to those who would need it most. Us. Our neighbors. The stranger. The foreigner. The hurting. The lost.

The question we are challenging ourselves with this year is: Who can I show love to today?

And we accomplish this by doing one small act, every day in the month of December, leading right up to Christmas Day. Won’t you join us once again friends? We’d love to see how far God’s love and kindness will spread this holiday season!

Each year has been a new adventure, but this year, we're trying something new.

We're creating a 25 Days of Kindness group in Facebook. Why should you join? 

Because we'll be sharing ideas every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday throughout December, hosting Facebook lives and offering giveaways! 

It'll be a positive place to share some Christmas cheer and we'd love for you to join us! 

Click here to request to join the group. 

We'll also occasionally post on our social media platforms (Facebook or Instagram).

Are you looking for more resources? Have you checked out our books?

We've written two kindness devotionals, The One Year Daily Acts of Kindness and 100 Days of Kindness. They tell the story of how our families embarked on a one-year journey of kindness, and include our successes, failures, and the encouragement you need as a family to incorporate kindness into your own life.

Our newest book, One Good Word a Day, offers simple but deeply spiritual meditations that will help readers linger on one word each day so they can identify and reflect on how Jesus as the Word influences their daily lives. 
Looking for encouragement in your friendships? Our adult friendship devotional, The One Year Daily Acts of Friendship, includes a daily scripture, story, and friendship prompt. It's encouraging and slightly challenging (in a good way!) in helping you find, keep, and love your friends.  
Our devotional for tweens is a great complement to our devotional for women! 100 Daily Acts of Friendship for Girls is written specifically for girls ages 8-12 as they navigate friendships in upper elementary and middle school. With a scripture, short story, reflection questions and 50 fun activities to do with you or friends, it's a wonderful way to encourage your daughter, niece, granddaughter, God daughter and her friends to build healthy friendships from an early age.

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We're in this together,

Kendra, Julie and Kristin

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