The Friends I Didn't Pray For

September 6, 2016

We sat around a table planning our first gathering of moms for the new year. We’d discussed ideas for how to start and kept landing back on the subject of friendship. All the complicated, wonderful, hard and messy ways that friendship adds value to the different seasons of our lives.

And as I left I wondered how I’d happened into the friendships I have now, relationships well over fifteen years old that seemingly fell into place with little effort on my part. Until I remembered…

It was over sixteen years ago that I was living with my sister and her family on the same street I now currently live with my own husband and children. As an early 20-something, recent college graduate working two jobs, I moved in with my sister when her cancer had returned for a second time and she needed extra help with her kids and home. For me, it was a welcome reprieve from the busyness of life. Katrina had a way of making her home feel safe and warm, like a snug hug on a cold winters’ day, and I loved being able to spend time there.

One morning as we visited, she told me she was lonely. A surprising statement from her as she was always surrounded by people, involved in activities and leadership, spending time with countless people from our church and community. She told me it was true, she knew a lot of people, but then she stated, “I have a lot of acquaintances, but I don’t have any friends.”

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