Our Don't-Miss List {A Holiday Gift Guide}

November 25, 2015

I'm one of those weird, freak-of-nature people who love lists. Actually, it's not the list itself, it's the sheer pleasure of crossing something off the list. I love that sense of accomplishment so much that if I'm partway through a series of tasks and I decide to write out a list, I will include things I've already finished just so I can cross them off!

This time of year is especially ripe for lists. Between gifts to purchase and food to bring to gatherings and social events to attend and charities we want to give to, my lists explode. My lists have list babies, you guys. It's ridiculous.

So in the spirit of easing some of the pressure that comes from too many lists, we've created one for you -- a holiday gift guide. From books we love to organizations that have ahhhhmazingly cute items but also serve a greater purpose, we've got you covered.

Books We Love

Come To My Table: God's Hospitality & Yours by Sue Moore Donaldson. Sue did a guest post for us a while back and we just LOVE her heart for hospitality and for others. This is one book on hospitality that is a MUST read. And her NEW 12-week bible study on hospitality called Hospitality 101 was just released!

As parents, we love the heart and passion of Amy Sullivan. Her first book, When More is Not Enough - How to Stop Giving Your Kids What They Want and Give Them What They Need, speaks to heart of how we want to raise our children. And as moms of daughters, specifically, Amy's newest series, Gutsy Girls: Strong Christian Women Who Impacted the World: Book One: Gladys Aylward is exactly the kind of book we want our daughters to read. We can't wait to see what Amy comes out with next!

And of course, if you know a mom who's in need of some encouragement this holiday season, our devotional, Grace for the Imperfect Mom: A 31-Day Invitation to Refreshed Mothering, is a wonderful option, as well as our first book, The Ruth Experience: Uncovering God's Purpose For Your Story!  

Finally, remember when Kelly from The Unplanned Mommy shared The Mom Quilt with us? A book of encouragement for moms where all the proceeds go to support The Mercy House? You do not want to miss this book!

Gifts for Her

Source: Amazig Leathers
Amazig Leathers has leather goods items (think the most gorgeous leather purses you've ever seen) made by artisans in Morocco. From their website: "All Amazig pieces are handmade by Imazighen artisan out of full-consumption, top-grain, vegetable tanned leather in some of the oldest tanneries in the world. Every purchase with Amazig directly benefits communities throughout Morocco, as we are committed to paying fair and living wages to everyone in the production line."

FEED makes bags, scarves, accessories -- you name it. What I LOVE about this company is this: "Every one of our products has a number stamped on it that signifies the amount of meals or micronutrient packets provided with its purchase." The meals go to feed kids in places like Cambodia, Chad, and Guatemala.

Source: FEED
Freeset has items like bags, scarves, and tees. Even better, "Freeset exists specifically to provide freedom for women from the sex trade, women who were forced into prostitution by trafficking or poverty."

The Giving Keys is making an impact on those affected by homelessness. They have beautiful key-driven jewelry items like necklaces, bracelets and more.

The Root Collective partners with makers in Guatemala to make handmade shoes. Y'all, I bought a pair of these ahhhhmazing shoes at Allume in October and I just adore them (see our main photo, above -- those are my shoes! So stinkin' cute.). They are fashionable and comfortable and I can't believe they are handmade, even though it's obvious they are from the quality. I already have my eye on another pair.

Work of Worth -- Have you seen our curated collection for Work of Worth?! We just love this company, whose mission is this: "Work of Worth empowers ethically-motivated, indigenous entrepreneurs by connecting their business to the global market." They have gorgeous accessories!

Gifts for Kids

Source: Humble Hilo
Humble Hilo has a ton of darling items, including soooo many things I want to get for my girls! According to their site, a portion of your purchase goes to support one of three areas: Infant and Child Nutrition, Education, and Microfinance for Women.

Gifts for Hard-to-buy-for Men

Jonas Umbrellas -- ok, I feel like it's really hard to buy Christmas presents for men, especially my husband. If he wants something badly enough, he'll figure out a way to get it. Otherwise, he probably doesn't need it anyway. That's why I LOVE this idea, perfect for men -- an umbrella! Practical, yet 75% of profits go to funding a clean water well at school in Uganda! How awesome is that?

Gifts for the List-Maker in Your Life

Marie Mae Company makes the loveliest paper goods (stationery, notebooks, etc). Plus, according to the site, each item purchased equals one hour of training at the Marie Mae Business School, which includes classes and training for entrepreneurs each year in an emerging market like Rwanda.

Trades of Hope -- In addition to pretty jewelry and other items, they also have beautiful journals and notebooks. Their ethically produced items are made by women around the globe and help give them a chance at a better life. 

Our lists could go on and on, and we KNOW there are other great books and companies out there. What are some of your favorites? We'd love to know!

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