this is motherhood {too}: a journey to open adoption

September 1, 2015

Today I have the privilege of sharing over at Michaela Evanow's blog a post I wrote for her series, this is motherhood too about raising an adopted child. Over the past few years I've been more than blessed by Michaela's blog, her honesty and her open heart. I hope you find her as much as an inspiration as I have.
Courtesy of Michaela Evanow
“Mommy is this right?” 
My daughter shows me the note she’s writing. There are pictures of herself and her siblings taped haphazardly alongside her printed words. 
“It’s close!” I reply. 
“Well, what would make it perfect? I want it to be perfect!” 
I glance over the note, stopping at the words mom and I love you. But this note isn’t for me, it’s for her other mother. Her birth mom. 
Jasmine came to us at three month old. She was a beautiful baby girl. I still remember that first day—what it felt like to hold her as she cooed at us, giving her a bath in our kitchen sink, laying her in the crib we’d borrowed from a family member, turning off the light to her freshly painted room. 
I remember months in limbo. As foster parents, we cared for kids, but never knew for how long or when they’d get placed somewhere else. 
Jasmine was different. I loved her from day one, secretly wanting to keep her for always. 
Miraculously, seven years later, here I am with my daughter by my side.

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  1. Kendra, it's so beautiful to see how you unselfishly offer grace, even though it can be difficult at times. God bless you and your daughter! Thank you for sharing this. I'm your neighbor at Holley's.