Grace for Our Girls: 5 Principles to Guide Our Daughters {Guest Post & Giveaway}

September 28, 2015

Happy Monday, friends! In our past three years of blogging, we've met a number of amazing women with similar visions and passions. We're thrilled to feature one of those sweet friends today, the amazing Amy L. Sullivan, who is talking about five principles to help guide our daughters AND we're giving away a copy of her NEW book! (details below...)

I have one daughter making her way through middle school (stubborn lockers, multiple teachers, and important decisions about the dreaded lunchroom). Oh my. And I have one daughter starting first grade (new friendships, long bus rides, and math which includes fractions). Oh my.

As I watch my girls learn to navigate the world, I know one truth: growing up girl is no easy task.

While reading Grace for the Imperfect Mom: A 31-Day Invitation to Refreshed Mothering, I was reminded not only about the grace I need to extend to myself but about the grace I need to teach my girls.

Teaching grace seems strange, bulky, and hard to carry. Maybe teaching grace feels awkward because it isn’t like teaching your girl to tie her shoes or brush her teeth. There isn’t a final product to look upon and admire.

However, teaching our daughters about grace is invaluable.

Below you will find five principles outlined in Grace for the Imperfect Mom that easily can be applied to our daughters, and I listed conversation starters for you and your girl. It’s my prayer that these conversation starters will provide a foundation for conversations with your tween or teen girl (or a girl who is important to you) as she learns to experience grace and lean on God.

Principle #1: You are wanted.
·      Do you remember a time when you felt as if you belonged? Can you think of a time when you have felt left out?
·      How do you know God wants and loves all of his people?

Principle #2: You are enough.
·      What’s a time you tried and failed?
·      How did failing make you feel?

Principle #3: Life is a wild ride.
·      Can you think of a time when you were scared and you had to trust God?
·      What are small things you can learn to trust God with daily?

Principle #4: Learn to roll with it.
·      Discuss a time when you thought a problem was a big deal and in time you learned it was a little deal.
·      Is there something small you find yourself getting upset about frequently? What is it?

Principle #5: Be quick to apologize.
·      What does it mean to be “defensive”?
·      Think of a time you apologized. How did apologizing make you feel?

Let’s remember to show ourselves grace today, and while we are at it, let’s commit to teaching the young girls in our lives to do the same.

Amy L. Sullivan is the author of the picture book series Gutsy Girls: Strong Christian Women Who Impacted the World and the nonfiction, parenting book When More is Not Enough. She believes strong mommas raise strong girls. Connect with her at

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  1. What great principles to teach. I have a daughter and I've been realizing that teaching her things like grace aren't as easy as you'd think.

    1. Danielle, Ageed! Teaching grace to our girls can be really tough!

  2. LOVE THIS POST SO MUCH!!! You are enough and wanted!!

    1. Thanks for taking the time to read and comment, Brittany!

  3. My girls are still little but II feel like I fail them daily. I probably need to work on this in my own life. Thank you for the encouragement.

    1. Zan,
      I think we've all fell like we are failing our kids at some time or another. You aren't alone, my friend. I am always working on's a toughie.

    2. Zan, thank you so much for commenting! YOU were our randomly chosen winner to receive Amy's new book! Please email your contact information to us at and we'll get the book out to you!

  4. I learned a lot of these things growing up, my mom was pretty good about that! I wish more girls these days were getting these sort of life lessons!

  5. I did my best with my daughters, who are now all grown. But now I have 2 precious granddaughters to pour myself into! That is who I hope to win the book for! :)

  6. I"m too late i'm too late!! (but I have three girls - maybe too late in that as well! Lord, help us all!) AND I can still get the books! Thank you - so wise and true.