The Best Is Yet To Come

July 29, 2015

We spent this past week in Colorado with family and friends. For the first several nights, we’d gather at our house, Kyle cooking and everyone bringing something to share.

One of our nightly meals together!

We gather to Climb for Katrina. And before supper, I decide to offer a toast. As I raise my glass, my voice catches in my throat. Carol wraps her arm around my waist, offering strength and understanding of loved ones now gone. I smile at her as I continue and we toast to friends and family, Colorado and the Hope Hike, and then to Katrina and all that her life represented.

We end with cheers and hugs and laughter as kids scurry past to get food and drinks, then rush off to play again with friends.

As the adults take their time, we eat and enjoy being with each other.

When the supper dishes are done, the kids play downstairs and the adults slowly gather around the kitchen table.

Carol showing us "kids" how to eat caviar!
Our conversation turns to loved ones lost -- remembering things about them, the pain of grief that
never fully leaves those of us left here on earth. Mama Carol talks about the ache you feel when your loved one leaves. She tells us how her husband passed, how she watched her love take his last breath.

And we sit for a moment, letting the gravity of what’s been shared settle among us. I look down at my folded hands as my vision blurs with tears. Understanding the ache of loss she speaks of, I look up just in time to see Christa—with tears in her eyes—watching her mom speak so well of her father.

And then someone asked Carol how they met. She smiles as she tells us that she didn’t really like her husband Jimmy at first, how he grew on her over time. She then looks to Grandma Gail and Grandpa Roger and states, more than asks, “Don’t you the think the last 15 years were the best? People today give up too quickly, they don’t know the best is coming.”

Gail and Roger smile in agreement, a knowing look passing between them after their 50 plus years together. They go on to share how they met, how Gail flew to Germany when they were first married. They laugh as they talked about fights they had early on, storms weathered, and love that lasts over time.

And slowly, in an impromptu way, we go around the table--each couple sharing how they met, little nuances and quirks about their relationships. We laugh as stories are shared, misunderstandings revealed, everyone’s history as varied as the couples they represent.

We end the evening as children begin to meander their way back upstairs, tired and ready for bed. Yet I find myself not wanting the evening to end -- surrounded by these people, these friends, these stories.

As we get up and start to give our goodbyes, I look at my husband, grateful for him.

And as we’re getting ready for bed, kids all tucked in, I say, Isn’t it nice to know the best is yet to come? He nods in agreement.

As the swirl of weekly activities goes on—more dinners, kids everywhere, hikes, shopping and car rides—what stands out in my mind is that night we got to hear everyone’s story.

Maybe it’s because I love stories so much. Maybe it’s because I love hearing about how others have built a life.

But mostly I think it’s because I’m encouraged to know the best is yet to come.

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  1. Kendra, I'm so glad I parked next to you at Holley's today (#36) because your post is beautiful and very meaningful. After wanting to throw in the towel in 2007, after 25 years with the hubs, the Lord said "stay and I'll give you the grace you need." I stayed and He did! We're living the best now. God is faithful to His promises - we must be open and obedient to His instruction! Great post and blessed to meet you today.

    1. Such wise words Susan, thank you for sharing your own experience! Blessings to you today, thanks of stopping by :)

  2. Hello Ladies, I also saw you over at Holley's link-up :) Thank you for sharing this, Kendra! I just wrote the words "the best will come" in response to someone's post. Then, I saw the title of your post and felt compelled to take a look! I'm glad I did :) It's so encouraging to think beyond the present hardships and know that God is still at work. Indeed, the BEST will come! ~Ashley

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words Ashley, I'm so glad you found us today :) I love that you were able to offer this same encouragement to someone else today, it certainly is comforting to know there is always something GOOD that God has for us!

  3. What an amazing gift to have that time to share stories with your family. Indeed, the best is yet to come!

  4. I am so glad you were uplifted and your soul nourished! Yes, the best is yet to come!