Twists and Turns of Life: The Long Dark Road {Guest post}

April 1, 2015

Today we are so pleased to introduce a guest post by Roitman Trillo! As moms, we totally understand how hard it can be when circumstances turn our lives upside down during times that we expected to feel nothing but the sweetness of life. Unexpected illness can be one of the toughest things to deal with, and we so appreciate Roitman's wisdom about how she walked through her own dark days and managed to come through on the other side. We hope you're as blessed as we are by her words!

Life brings unexpected twists and turns we might never have thought we would face. 

A few years ago, my life suddenly was turned upside down. A storm so powerful, so devastating, hit me that I didn’t think I would survive. It blindsided me. All of the sudden, I was caught in the midst of the darkest time in my life. 

After giving birth to my beautiful little one, I became gravely ill. Inflammation took over my body and I was unable to walk or sleep. The inflammation even affected my brain function. I was living my worst nightmare! 

Not only was I rapidly losing my health, but I was unable to care for my family. The time I had expected to be the most joyous turned sorrowful. It was as if I walked on a long dark road with no end in sight. 

 I started drowning in hopelessness as doctors seemed unable to help me. My heart ached for times past in which health and strength were a given, something I took for granted. Powerless and helpless, I literally felt I was living in the valley of the shadow of death.

Before becoming ill, I would often grumble and complain because I didn't have time for myself. I was inundated with the daily tasks of housekeeping and homemaking. Now, the ability to do those mundane tasks seemed precious to me. Being able to take care of my family by cleaning or cooking a meal no longer seemed a burden but a privilege. 

However, the most devastating part of losing my health and independence was being separated from my little one. For eight months, I was unable to take care of my baby. I was not only ill but heartbroken. 

In the midst of darkness, I had to hold on to a power greater than myself, as I had none. I would cry out to the Lord even though, at times, even my faith seemed to let me down. Prayers seemed to go unanswered, as if I was talking to the ceiling. Somehow, deep inside, I knew he was still true. He was still Lord overall. 

These were dark moments, for sure. But the promise held true: Weeping endured for a night, but joy came in the morning. 

It was not instantaneous, as I would have hoped. And yes, it took much longer than I would have chosen, but little by little my health was restored! And I am so grateful! 

I certainly learned to appreciate life so much more during those dreadful months. I was humbled by realizing life is truly a gift! God is sovereign and he is the only one that can give life. 

Today, I no longer take my health for granted. I consider it a blessing and I'm thankful for it every day. The ability to enjoy the day with my family and take care of my little ones is a gift! I'm forever grateful to watch my little ones grow up and be able to do the everyday, mundane tasks of homemaking. 

If you are in the midst of your own dark valley, don’t let go of God. He is the only rock that can sustain us. If you are blessed with health, I hope this encourages you to gratefulness for the gift of life and health! 

Roitman Trillo is a wife, mom, writer, and artist whose passion is to help forgotten, abused, and neglected little ones. She founded Fun With A Message to encourage parents to preserve the innocence of childhood through beautiful artwork and books with fun and positive life lessons. Part of her sales of art prints fund nonprofits that fight child-trafficking. You can connect with her via her website or on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

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  1. It's so powerful to hear of someone's journey through a storm, and of how God walks with us faithfully each step of the way. How I praise Him that we never walk alone! Thank you for linking up with us at Grace & Truth!