A Blessing for the Year

January 1, 2015

These past few years, I have seen the power of words in their ability to change thoughts, actions, and deeds in myself and those around me. What we speak brings life or death, and this is no small thing.

I decided that on this, the first day of a New Year, I’d like to share a BLESSING with all of you on what I hope for ALL of us this year. 

A Blessing as we start this year:

Life is hard -- this, we’ve all come to know.
Whispered in the quiet of our souls, we’ve all wondered where this thing -- this life -- is going. 
We've looked for purpose. And Meaning. And Peace.

This year, may we start to seek out the hard places in our hearts that long for answers beyond the surface.
May we search for truth, even when it is uncomfortable.
May we lean into the pain and discomfort without pulling away.

May we start to find healing in that space.
May we start to find peace. And hope.
May we face each day with grace and hope, and with expectation of the GOOD that is to come.

May we start to notice the good in people and tell them what we see.
May we watch for all that is hopeful and call it out. May we begin to be a people of praise.

May we not turn a blind eye to injustice, but rather take the hope we’ve found in the good we know is in this world to fight that which is dark. May we notice and push ourselves to act. May we be love in action. 

May we have the courage to also face what is dark in us, and shine light on what is not so lovely. May we be willing to be honest about our own need for change. And may we be kind to ourselves.

May we not become discouraged in speaking and doing good.
May we remember that there is value in others. May we remember that there is value in us.
May we speak kindly, honestly, and with integrity.

May we love well this coming year. May we welcome others to love us. And may we remember the GREATEST love—God’s love—that extends to us no matter where we start our year, or where we finish it.

God bless us all.

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