10 Easy Ways to Practice Kindness this Year

January 12, 2015

Happy Monday! Thanks for being here for Make A Difference Monday, a place to get intentional about starting our week focused on the positive and dream up ways we can make a difference in the world. Kendra, Julie, and I are excited to continue co-hosting MADM for the next few weeks, and hope you'll join us! 

We loved Advent Acts of Kindness so much that we just didn't want to stop! So today we're sharing 10 easy ideas for continuing acts of kindness into the new year:

1. Start an ongoing list. Write down numerous ideas in a place where you'll be sure to notice them (like the fridge or a bathroom mirror) and pick one or two to do as a family each week.
2. Try to do weekly acts of kindness. Our family has chosen to do one each week of the month that will fall within four categories: Writing a thank you, writing a note of encouragement, serving others, and blessing others. It's a good way to make sure we're being consistent by doing at least one thing (however small!) each week as a family.
3. Pick a monthly project, too. Let's face it: It's easier to follow through on things that you've planned out in advance. Look to the year ahead and schedule one large act of service for your family every month -- serve a meal at a local shelter, volunteer at a food shelf, humane society or nursing home. Don't forget to ask your kids who or what they're interested in helping, too.
4. Try kindness on-the-go. Keep your car stocked with water bottles and gift cards or other care packages to hand out to homeless people or others in need.
5. Celebrate kindness! For you or your child's birthday party, pick a charity to raise funds or supplies for in place of (or in addition to) birthday presents. We also love efforts like this "skip a birthday" idea from charity:water and putting a birthday in a box for a child in need via The Birthday Giving Project.
6. Think seasonally. For instance, start a coat/mitten drive at your church or other civic organization during the fall, when the weather starts to get cold and more folks are in need of warm things.
7. Donate things you already have on hand. As you clean out your children's closets and toy boxes, put aside clothing and toys that are still in good shape and donate to a local shelter. (This is a great activity to do right after Christmas, when your house is inundated with new stuff!)
8. Have a garage sale -- and give the proceeds away. When the weather is warmer, host a garage sale and donate the proceeds to a favorite charity -- it's a great way to give to an organization you care about without burdening your budget (Help One Now has some great ideas to get you started).
9. Donate school supplies to a local school. As parents, we know how expensive these supplies are, and the list of what kids need can be quite daunting! Donating to local schools and organizations can be a huge blessing to parents whose finances are already strapped with back-to-school costs.
10. Join in with others (like us)! Be sure to join us for our Lenten Acts of Kindness starting in February as we focus each week on a different country, cause and way to help!

So there you go, ten easy ways to keep acts of kindness going into the new year with your family! Be sure to share with us on Facebook, twitter or pinterest. We'd love to hear what you're doing!

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  1. These are great ideas! I really hope that once I have children I can be mindful of how we spend our time and make sure that we are giving and gracious to others. I want my children to learn how fun and important acts of kindness can be. Sharing this!

    1. Thanks Tiffany for commenting and sharing! I appreciate the encouragement! And yes, teaching my kids kindness, I've found, has become one of the best vehicles to teach them so many things!

  2. I love your ideas!! I am working to practice kindness and gratitude daily as part of my daily happiness goals. I find that when you focus on those, happiness just comes naturally :)

    1. Michelle, that is so awesome that you're making it a part of your daily goals, good for you! It's true, happiness does come more naturally when we're grateful and I've seen it be quite contagious with others around you! Thanks for stopping by!


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