A Common Bond.

October 13, 2014

Community. We find it in lots of places, all different ways. Whether at work, through a faith or civic community, school, parenting, marriage or singleness, there are places we belong. People with which we find a common bond.
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And I have found many of these communities helpful, jumped in with both feet proudly proclaiming myself a social worker, married person, or parent.

But there is one title I have yet to say. One title I have in the back of my mind, something I'm still too afraid to claim. I wasn’t really expecting it, and maybe it’s because I am not trained in this area, I have no education or degree to stand on -- just my own life experience, along with the desire to do it.

Maybe it’s because I don’t get a paycheck (as if money is the only validation for a task well done we can receive).

What I am too timid to say, to admit to others in conversation?

I am a writer. 

I am a story teller, holding up the mirror of the written word against my own life as a window into my world, my heart, my longings and desires.

And as I was reading back through old posts today, looking for scriptures or quotes we used, my eyes welled up with tears at the remembrance of things shared, honest words spoken, vulnerabilities laid bare.

And maybe this is why it is so hard to sometimes say: It’s so personal. Fragile. I shudder to think that someone would question my ability, my desire to do this thing. To Write.

But today I want to say it. Boldly proclaim: I am a writer.

And I wonder, who are you today?

What title have you been too afraid to call out loud? What dream have you tucked away in your heart, too unsure to share with others? Maybe you, like me, feel unqualified to do that thing you most desire to do. Maybe others have told you that you can't. Maybe you're discouraged or think it'll never happen.

Can I offer you some encouragement today?

You're not alone. 

We can embrace who we are, right where we are, while dreaming about what is to come. 

You are not, right now, the end result of all you will become.

Keep dreaming. Carry on.

There's more in store than you could ever ask or imagine.

Today we are once again linking  up for Make A Difference Mondays and the SDG Gathering.

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