Life is Too Short Not to Enjoy Virtual Cupcakes

September 24, 2014

Image by Kelly Sue DeConnick via Flickr
Friends!  For those of you who find us via Facebook, you may remember a plea that went out a week ago.  Our page "likes" had been stubbornly stuck at 498 for some time, and we promised virtual cupcakes to anyone willing help out our OCD and get that number to 500.  Well, we made it and are now making good on our promise!

I was the first to discover that the Facebook odometer had ticked over to 500, and while my inner prankster found it delightful to text Kendra and Kristen at an inappropriately early hour with the happy news, it didn't make any of us feel any different.  

The lesson we've learned time and again is that God so often works in the single digits, the one-on-one, the relationship of you and me.  And, so...meh.  Numbers are just numbers. Whatever, Facebook. 

Image by Lisa via Flickr
We celebrate today for a different reason: you. We love blogging, sharing stories, nudging people toward action, and watching as God works in the lives of so many around us. 

We love the virtual friendships we've developed through TRE: both the brand new friendships flung all across the world, and renewed friendships with those in our somewhat distant pasts who have rejoined us with comments and emails and interactions. 

We love the community we have with all of you.

So, actually, these virtual cupcakes are a celebration of our 500 relationships -- the old ones, the new ones, the close ones, the soon-to-be close ones.  

Plus, it's Wednesday.  We all can use a cupcake on Wednesday.  So, enjoy!  And thank you for being part of our community!


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  1. Numbers and virtual cupcakes are kind of the same thing. Not as exciting as the real thing. :) But as a friend of mine once said, "Life's too short not to make a party out of everything."