The Friends You Meet Along the Way

August 10, 2014

When Kristin, Julie, and I started blogging two years ago, I never thought about how it was going to change our writing and, really, our lives. We were in the throes of finishing our first book and thought adding a blog would help us hone our writing skills as well as let others know we were actually writers! (Kristin is really the only true literary among us.)
Summer 2012 - The start of it all!
We did not realize that starting this blog would create and develop some amazing relationships with other women, forging friendships that were not only appreciated, but found to be oh, so necessary.

We've met women online and in real life who are making a difference, sharing honestly and courageously, joining forces with others, and just overall making the world a better place.

Today, to keep our 2-year celebration going, we'd love to tell you about some of our favorite people, our FRIENDS, whom we love dearly and couldn't imagine living (or blogging) without!

First, there's the women who write for Bridging the Gap. I know we've talked A LOT about these ladies, but that is just because we love them so much! They came into our blogging lives early on, and immediately wrapped us in their arms, joined with us and have encouraged us all along. These women are incredible and SO FUN. And if you live in Minnesota (writer or not) you can hang out with us too! We'll be at BTG's fall retreat aptly titled: Words Matter. Get all the details here.

We've also been able to partner with other blogs we've grown to love. Guest posts and (in)couraging groups at (in)courage, a joint effort with Advent Acts of Kindness and SheLoves Magazine, and link ups with Holley Gerth and Sybil and friends for Make a Difference Mondays.

There's also all the bloggers we've met who have honored us as guest bloggers by sharing their stories with us! If you don't know who they are you can check out all their blogs on this page. Danielle, Esther, Marisa, Simple Truth Ministry, Nancy, Kate, and Kristin: thank you so much!

The past two years have definitely been an adventure, filled with many transitions including new babies, new jobs, graduations, and school starts. We've shared stories and struggles, triumphs and grief. And all with other women (YOU) coming alongside of us, reminding us that we're not alone.

So, dear reader and friend, thank you for sticking with us these past two years! And now to announce the winner of last week's giveaway: Angie Shanley! Check back next Monday for our second giveaway this month!

Who has inspired you lately? Any great blogs you read that we should take a look at? We'd love to hear from you!

Today we are once again linking up with Make a Difference Monday.

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  1. YAY for friendships and blog-o-versaries! So happy for you ladies and so thankful the blogosphere has brought us together! Here's to many more years of happy blogging! xoxo