Sacred Friendship.

July 6, 2014

True friends talk you into trying on the footie jammies at Target.
Her words tumbled out while I was praying for her at a woman's conference, "I can tell you have a sacred friendship."

I turned my head slightly to look at two of my dearest friends busy with some task across the sanctuary.

Sacred? If felt like such a strange word, especially when I immediately thought of the silly, ridiculously hilarious  conversations we had on the hours-long drive to join these women.

I paused in my response as twelve years of memories flashed past my mind's eye. 

It was as strangers that most of us first came together, in a Bible study around Katrina's kitchen table.
And crazy 6-inch heels....
For more than a decade, we've walked through all of the ups and downs of scary, exhilarating, exhausting, joyful life; all of it hashed over, prayed over, wept over, laughed over while drinking coffee in kitchens, in living rooms, in local coffee shops. Careers. Grief. Marriages. Death. Job loss. Anger. Adoption. Depression. New businesses. Master's degrees. Foster parenting. Medical stuff with kiddos, with parents, with us. Church launches. Cancer. Teenagers. Babies. Books. Blogs.

We've cajoled and shoved one another out of our individual safe circles -- into circumstances requiring faith, requiring trusting Jesus to come through -- and then celebrated with wild abandon when Jesus showed up, as our friend's faith grew, as her journey took her on crazy new adventures with new opportunities. 
Returning my attention to the woman standing before me, I simply said, "What you see is more than ten years of lives lived together with Christ.  We've cried hard tears, laughed deep laughs, and have grown closer to Jesus, together." And then I prayed for a sacred friendship in this woman's life.

Piling into the car at the end of the day, tired but exhilarated after the conference, the story spilled out and I ended with a question to two of my friends: "Is our friendship sacred?"  

Silence reigned as we individually pondered that word.  It is a conversation I've returned to again and again, wrestling with that word: sacred.  

They introduce you to the most delicious gluten-free desserts
Can sacred be ridiculous? Silly? Because sometimes we are. And what about the times we bicker like siblings?    

I'm a word nerd, so of course I googled the definition. reports that sacred can be defined as: "pertaining to or connected with religion (opposed to secular or profane ): sacred music; sacred books." 

These women? They continually point me toward Christ. And isn't that the very definition of sacred? 

The beautiful thing is that sacred friendships aren't an exclusive club.  

As I've struggled with the idea of what a sacred friendship might look like, the faces of much newer friends come to mind -- women I've met whose lives overlap with mine in other ways, in other spheres. Friendships that pull faith and life together in tangible ways in areas my oldest friendships do not. These, too, are sacred friendships. 

They are quietly influential with wise words and soft prayers.
I would not be the woman I am today without my sacred friends; they have had profound an impact upon my life, my faith, and my journey.  

Lord, thank  you for sacred friendships, for others who reflect you back onto us. Protect these special relationships from hurt, from miscommunication, from misunderstandings. Help us to urge one another on in our individual faith journeys, to encourage one another to take that scary next step of faith, to laugh and cry our way through the ups and downs of life, together. Thank you, Lord, for our sisters in faith.  Amen.  
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  1. LOVE this! And, I love you and your goofy, sacred friends.

  2. Women that point you toward Christ are sacred, aren't they? I love that gave me goosebumps. Thanks for sharing.

  3. OH I absolutely get this... If I were in your shoes, I could see myself pondering the word too; considering it in all it's depth. Yet, I can also see myself having tried it on for size, deciding that it fits perfectly! Friendships that I have that are capable of being the silliest, also feel some of the most sacred to me too : ) Praise God for good friends! Thanks for linking with Make A Difference Mondays!


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