When Worry Takes Over

April 16, 2014

I got the call on a Thursday morning. My husband was far from home and he sounded discouraged, his voice strained. 

As my two small children fluttered around me like so many mismatched butterflies unaware of the danger of a coming storm, I blindly sat down on my mother’s couch, gripped my phone tightly and held on.

Encouragement can make all the difference
Something had happened, a work situation beyond our control. 

And although I knew things could and would work out, I felt crushed in the talons of fear’s unrelenting grip. 

When the call ended, I looked up to see the faces of my sister and mom staring back at me gravely, sympathetically. 

We prayed and we talked and I smiled, but inside, I felt sick with the worry and the waiting.

It was on the way home that I gave in. Feeling broken-hearted and brave, I posted a message on our church ladies’ Facebook page, typing through my tears:

“Hi ladies, my family could really use your prayers today. I can't say more details, but would covet prayers for peace and wisdom, especially in the next 24 hours. Thank you!”

And then the miraculous happened. Small expressions of a big love – the love of a Father -- visible in the hands and feet of women who were willing to come alongside me in my distress. As my email began to ding and texts and messages arrived throughout the day – more than fifty! – each one was a prayer, an expression of love and concern. Of support.

And each time I heard one arrive, I felt the cloud of misery dissipating a little bit more. 

I felt the hard-won peace I had pleaded for edging out circumstances that, on their own and within my own power, felt overwhelming and insurmountable.

“The way God designed our bodies is a model for understanding our lives together as a church: every part dependent on every other part, the parts we mention and the parts we don’t, the parts we see and the parts we don’t. If one part hurts, every other part is involved in the hurt, and in the healing. If one part flourishes, every other part enters into the exuberance.” 1 Corinthians 12:25-26 (MSG)

God designed us to live in community. What small expressions of love can you use to communicate God’s love and care for his children, in every circumstance?

Today we're once again linking up with Holley Gerth and her Coffee for Your Heart.


  1. Kristin, I love this post! So true! How God uses us as conduits to flow His Love through to others! Beautiful!

  2. This is pretty cool to read for me. I have never really lived in community, I don't have strong family ties so it's just not something I learned. Frankly, I am pretty scared of it. And now my husband and I are thinking to move closer to our church community. We need it and although I know it is good and great, I am scared. Your post helped me along the way and I love the scripture you put up. I will used it now in a post I am working on about this. God bless!

    1. I think new things are always scary, especially those things that call us to be vulnerable with others. My husband and I are currently at a church that we chose together (rather than just one of us), and that has made all the difference -- honestly, we both prayed fervently for GOOD friends. Of course no church family is perfect, but I love that the women in my church know that I'm an imperfect wreck and love me anyway. :) Praying that your transition goes well -- blessings to you!

  3. I am happy to hear you know how blessed you are to have a group like that! It really makes a difference.

    1. Thanks, Sarah! Yes, it does. I am SO grateful for this particular group! :)

  4. Happy to have seen this post today linked at coffee for your heart! I can relate and this was beautifully written! Thank you for sharing an example that made this Scripture passage come alive!

    1. Thanks, Sybil -- blessings to you!

    2. Kristin-My heart resonated with your words! I shared something very similar in January. http://reflectinghisglory.com/you-are-not-alone/ Sometimes it's hard for me to be vulnerable, but how beautiful it is when the Lord gathers women to pray for you and over you, and the peace the comes from the moment of vulnerability.

    3. Thanks for your comments, Jacqui! I agree that it's hard to be vulnerable, but so worth it. :)


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