Inspiration for the New Year

January 1, 2014

I don't know about you, but I've found myself, in quiet moments, pondering the year that was and anticipating the year to come.  

Here are my two very favorite blog posts, the ones that inspired me, encouraged me, and caused me to stop and reflect this past week. 

Claire De Boer is over at SheLovesMagazine with a beautiful post about finding the inspiration in 2014 in just one word.  In fact, the oneword365 project allows you to join up with people around the world who have chosen the same word for 2014.  How cool is that?!  Claire says:
"Like many, I was entering every year with my freshly cleaned slate board, believing that with a new date comes a new mindset. But a new year doesn’t change those thought patterns—at least not long-term. And it doesn’t make you suddenly capable of taking on a massive to-do list that can only further feed the “not-enough” frenzy.
So when 2012 came around and I heard about oneword365 I was ready to ditch the to-do list and enter 2013 with a different perspective.

Picking one word after years of setting many goals wasn’t easy, but it was a relief. I relieved myself of the pressure to be more and entered this year without thinking about diets, deadlines and duties.
 I'll be pitching my long list of goals in exchange for a one word 2014. 

And then there is Ann Voskamp over at A Holy Experience, blogging about grace and what when we fall (and we all do) we need to fall forward rather than backward. If you need encouragement and hope to make it through the tough stuff, the mundane stuff and everything in between, check out Ann and her 25 point Manifesto (which comes in the most beautiful printable to hang on your fridge, your mirror, wherever you look when you need a breathe of fresh air.  

Happy New Year, friends!


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