Guest Post: My Chicken Story

December 2, 2013

Hello, friends! As you may know, we're in the midst of our Second Annual Advent Acts of Kindness, in which we're choosing to create, give, or share one kind act each day during the Advent season, chronicling our adventures via Facebook and Twitter (@RuthExperience) and sharing joy and ideas with others using #adventkindness and #shelovesadvent. That's why we're thrilled to feature a guest post today from the three ladies of Simple Truth Ministry. These inspiring women are currently in the midst of a study on the book Advent Conspiracy: Can Christmas Still Change the World? The book focuses on taking consumerism out of Christmas and putting Christ in the center of how we choose to spend our time and money throughout the Advent season. If you're interested in joining in with them, go to their website, click on the link to their book club, and select the link for the invitation to join the club. If you message them or comment on that post, they can add you to a Facebook group specifically focusing on the book study.

Here's a recent post from them on the first time they heard God's voice speak to them:

I was attending my very first Bible study called “He Speaks to Me.” When I started the study, I was attending church regularly and getting familiar with scripture. I was learning how to “ask” to hear from God -- and learning to listen -- but I had not yet heard God's voice. Every day I was prayerfully begging him to speak to me. I was ready, willing, and waiting.

I was at Publix loading up my trunk with groceries. The last thing in the cart was the deli fried chicken I had picked up for dinner. I smiled, knowing this was going to score major brownie points with my husband. We didn’t live anywhere near a Publix and their deli fried chicken was one of his favorite splurges! I grabbed the chicken, set it in the passenger seat, and headed home.

When I pulled up to the top of our exit in downtown Atlanta, I saw Susan. Susan was the homeless woman that panhandled at the top of our exit every day. As I waited for the light to change to green, I heard God say “Give her your chicken.” Of course, I didn’t realize it was God until I started fighting with myself in my head. I started to reply to myself, “I’m not giving her my--” but before the thought  cleared my mind, God said it again. Only this time, he said it much more clearly: “GIVE HER YOUR CHICKEN.” I turned and looked at the passenger seat. Why did I even put the chicken there? Why did I put all the other groceries in the trunk, but the chicken I put in the passenger seat?

When the light turned green, I heard it again “GIVE... HER... YOUR... CHICKEN.” I pulled over just up the street from the light. I stepped out of the car and offered my chicken to Susan. She didn’t seem terribly excited about the chicken. She took it from me, but she was much more interested in telling me about how sick she was feeling. Her throat hurt, she thought she might have a fever, she felt weak….and on and on. I left her with the chicken and drove away.

While I was driving the rest of the way home, I was overwhelmed with what had just happened. God talked to me!! HOLY SMOKES!! This was too cool! Right away, I decided I should do more. I decided I would go to the pharmacy in the morning and pick up some medications for her. That is exactly what I did! I got cough syrup, throat lozenges, cold medicine, and fever reducer. I put the bag of medications in my passenger seat and drove off to give them to Susan. I was so excited to help her feel better.

Susan had been at the top of that exit, every day, for nearly four years since we lived in that area. Now -- the day after I gave her my chicken -- she was gone. For several days I drove around looking for her with that bag full of medication in my passenger seat. And every day, I prayed to hear God's voice again. I wanted an explanation. Where was she? 

Finally, one day as I was pulling up to the exit…THERE SHE WAS! I was so excited to see her that I immediately pulled over and spoke to her. It turns out that she had spent ten days in the hospital being treated for pneumonia. I was so relieved that she was ok. But as I got back in my car, God spoke again, “I SAID GIVE HER YOUR CHICKEN…I DIDN'T SAY TO BUY HER MEDICINE.”

God did such an awesome job of teaching me the difference between his voice and mine.
When HE spoke (CHICKEN) everything worked out fine. Susan got the hot dinner she probably desperately needed and I had no problem providing my family with a different dinner. When I decided to follow my own voice (MEDICATION) I drove around for days getting frustrated, trying to achieve something that was never part of his plan.

Thank you, Lord, for this lesson. You know my heart, and you know I want to follow you. I will continue to listen to hear your voice. I will say "yes" to whatever you ask me to do...even if you ask me to give away my dinner. Amen.

 “You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart.” (Jeremiah 29:13) 

Simple Truth Ministry is a group of three women who choose to live the life of purpose that God intends, making daily decisions that promote a healthy body, mind, and relationship with God. Their vision is to share their own life choices to positively impact others and lead them to God, so that they too can live for him! You can find more from them at or connect via Facebook at Simple Truth Ministry.

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  1. This is such an amazing story! Thanks for featuring it TRE!