Guest Post for Blogs By Christian Women: Be Bold

November 14, 2013

Today I am excited to be posting over at Blogs By Christian Women. I'm writing about overcoming my fear of exposure and my desire to be bold. Here is a portion of my post:

This past month, I have been reading through the book of Jeremiah. It’s a somewhat depressing interesting book that chronicles the people of Israel, who had rebelled against God, and Jeremiah’s role to speak truth to them even when it was unpopular.

As I read, I am struck by how often he was one man, standing alone, in a sea of other prophets who were telling the people everything was fine, they were all good with God. Jeremiah was the only one who spoke truth to the people. Hard truth. Honest truth. Even if they didn’t like it. Even if HE didn’t like it. He was obedient to God.

I imagine Jeremiah must have felt very vulnerable at times. Maybe too honest.

Although I cannot imagine what this was like exactly for Jeremiah (no one has threatened my life or wellbeing over something I’ve said), I can understand the vulnerability he must have felt.

Being a writer and a blogger is amazing. It can bring community and honesty, healing and renewal. But there is also a side of being a writer that is scary; putting yourself and your story out there for others to read and know is sometimes daunting.

I worry what others may think of me.

You can read the full post here. 

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