Advent Acts of Kindness is featured on Circles of Faith today

November 27, 2013

Circles of Faith is featuring our Second Annual Advent Acts of Kindness today! You can join the fun by following along on our Facebook page and Twitter. Look for #AdventKindness with all our posts, and be sure to add it to yours as well.

Photo by Brainedge on Flickr.
Here's an excerpt from Kendra's post:

Christmas. It’s a season of giving to others and remembering Jesus and his birth. 

But for many of us, especially with children, our season of celebration can turn into one of duty and chaos as we shop, buy, bake, and wrap our way through. Suddenly this time of year when we want to reflect, relax, and make memories becomes anything BUT what we’ve dreamt it could be!

This is where I and two close friends found ourselves last November as we faced another Christmas season. So we decided we wanted to do something different -- sure, there would still be presents and trees, cookies and stockings -- but we wanted to shift the focus off ourselves and our families and back to the true meaning of the season: Jesus and giving to others.

We decided that during the 25 days leading up to Christmas, we would focus on giving to others in our neighborhoods, communities, country, and even the world.

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