Guest post: To Receive a New Name

October 16, 2013

Today we're thrilled to have a guest post from blogger Kristin Gordley, who writes:

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I was saying goodbye to a wonderful lady that I wished I had gotten to know better. She was moving away. Although she was much further along in life than I, she expressed the thought that I had encouraged her and that she really appreciated my “gentle” spirit. Internally, I laughed. “Boy, she doesn’t know me!” 

Several months later, another friend told me that she admired my “gentleness.” This time I pondered it a bit more. But eventually, I had the same thought – “She doesn’t know me very well.” 

However, through other people, God was showing me how he saw me.

 I recently read the story about when Jesus and Simon met. In their very first interaction, Jesus gave Simon a new name – Peter, which means “Rock” (John 1:42). Did Peter see himself the way Jesus saw him? I can imagine he said to himself, “Well, he doesn’t know me yet.”

But Jesus did know Peter – weaknesses, strengths, and all. Awhile later, Jesus told Peter that he was the “rock” that the church would be built upon. And indeed, Peter would later become the strong, passionate first leader of the church. 

When Jesus renamed Peter, he did not say Peter would be a rock. He said Peter was a rock. Jesus did not see the man who was fearful and spoke out of turn. He did not he see the prideful man that would fall asleep during Jesus’ darkest hour. Nor did he see the one who would later deny knowing him.

Jesus saw the rock that he would pass the baton to. 

It got me thinking. What is my name? I know the names others have given me…and I know the ones I have given myself. If I were to look into the face of God, in the midst of all my fears and weaknesses...what would He call me? 

And slowly I began to see it… 

Gentle…not angry. 

Influential…not invisible. 

Bold…not fearful. There is beauty in being renamed…and being given an identity, rather than earning one. It takes a tremendous amount of surrender and faith to receive a new name, but imagine how we would live our lives differently if we could embrace his identity for us! 

I’m Kristin – a gentle and bold influencer for God. 

What is your name? 

Kristin writes about the things that inspire her to live a better story with the hopes of whispering wisdom to others along the way. She loves to encourage other women through her blog, You can also find Kristin on Twitter: or Facebook:


  1. This so insightful and encouraging! Thank you for your boldness. I am a new blogger myself, and this has given me the inspiration to keep on trying. The devil loves to play tricks on me to fake me out that I wouldn't have anything important to say. I know I can because I am wonderfully made by God!
    God Bless you, Melissa Smith

    1. That's right Melissa! I love it when we can find camaraderie and encouragement with others. God bless you too and your writing :)


  2. This is so sweet! I just stumbled upon this blog and I think it is absolutely adorable!