A Letter to My Younger Self

April 22, 2013

This past week, I came across a picture of myself from several years ago. I looked so hopeful. So happy. So young. I remember at the time thinking that I was mature to be going to college a year ahead of my classmates as a post-secondary student, but now, looking back, I wonder how my parents could have let me go! I was just seventeen, practically a baby, with so much more to learn. I began to think of all the things that have happened since that time, the paths God has led me down, the growth and changes that have come over time, and I wondered, “What would I like to tell that young woman now that I am just a little bit older? What would I want her to know?” And so I thought  I would write her a letter…

Dear Kendra,

I know you’re young, just seventeen, and headed off to college. I know you’re excited for your freedom and all that you’ll be able to do while there. 
My parents and I at my high school graduation

There are just a few things I’d like you to know before you go:

I want you to know that you have value now, worth in who you are as a person. Gather as much knowledge as you can, but know that knowledge doesn’t always equal wisdom and your parents have already taught you more real truth than you will ever learn from any professor.

Read your Bible and pray often.

Be nice to your friends and stop trying to always be right. They’ll give you more grace than you deserve. Apologize every chance you get. Stop holding grudges. Love the people in your life.

Stop trying to appear so tough and put-together all the time. Don’t worry that it looks like everybody else has it together and you feel like you don’t. That you don’t quite measure up to those around you. Trust me, they don’t have it all together either. You will feel so much better when you just start being honest about who you are, your doubts, fears, and faults. And when you do, you’ll find that many others will tell you they feel the same way.

Two of my dear friends from college, Sarah and Jamie
Listen to your parents, they know what they are talking about. They’ll be your biggest supporters and encouragers. And other than your future mate, they’ll be the biggest influence you’ll ever have. Don’t blow them off; they know what they are talking about.

Don’t sell yourself short by dressing to attract men, settling for only the physical, or wishing you had what other girls do. Wait for the right guy - don’t worry about the wrong ones, wondering if you can somehow change them to fit what you want. Just wait. I promise you, he’ll be worth it.

Trust that God has a plan for your life that is greater than you could imagine. Say “yes” to him every time you get the chance; I promise you, it will be better than you thought, and worth it, every time. I know it will be scary, you’ve got a lot of fear, but keep going, it gets easier and one day you’ll find the fear no longer holds you back. 

Love God first. And love him most. Follow his truth. He’ll never guide you wrong.

 I can’t wait to see you in a few years.

Love, your future self

What would you like to tell your younger self? What advice or encouragement would you give?

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