Inviting God to Dinner

February 2, 2013

Hello friends!  The Ruth Experience is over at Bridging the Gap this morning. I talk about a memorable dinner Aaron and I had with a couple named Emil and Beulah. Because of that dinner, I created Scripture Cards containing a verse and fun questions to help families talk about biblical principles as they apply to everyday life at dinner, in the car, at bedtime...whenever!  And, I'm sharing the cards...for free.  Use them. Gift them. Just don't sell them. Follow us over to Bridging the Gap, the link to the Scripture Cards is toward the bottom.  One last thing...whomever finds the misspelled word (because I can't go back and reedit the article) gets a high-five from me! 
-- Julie  

When my husband and I were newly married and newly committed to following Christ in a way we had only flirted with in college, we were invited to dinner by Emil and Beulah. Emil and Beulah were in their 70s and, after a lifetime of teaching, Emil was a lay pastor in our church.

When my husband and I accepted their invitation, we knew Emil and Beulah only in passing. They were the age of our grandparents and as childless newlyweds, we had nothing in common. We pulled up to their humble home in the country and were greeted with a welcome so sincere and embracing that we immediately felt as though we had been friends for ages. We were invited into their kitchen and helped with final meal preparations. The meal was not fancy, but it was delicious. The table was set simply with their “regular” dishes. There were no special flourishes and no attempts to be anything but Emil and Beulah.

Our conversation was wide-ranging and enjoyable. Emil and Beulah told us how they met, how they fell in love via letters during the war, and how they have loved and served Christ for decades – their entire married life and even before, really. They knew the terrible tragedy of losing a child and the immense joy of seeing their living children love Christ with all of their hearts, minds, and strength. I sensed something as I sat at their table, and I knew I wanted it for my future family, even though I couldn’t exactly put “it” into words.

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