It’s Wednesday morning.

I’ve just finished getting my kids up and ready for the day when I get the phone call. “Honey, I have some news,” I hear my mom’s voice on the line. “Uncle Jimmy had a heart attack last night, he’s gone.” What? I think. How? What happened? I’m immediately reminded of just about a month earlier when I’d received a similar call from my mom when Jimmy was in the hospital, another episode with his heart. I’d told my mom that day, “It’s going to be a sad day for me when Uncle Jimmy dies.”

Today was that day.

“Look deep into the other person’s eyes,” the instructor stated at the front of the room. “Just stay in the moment, notice any thoughts you may have, look away if you need to, but then come back.”

Today I attended a Women In Ministry Luncheon. It was a place for women who are in ministry to come together, connect with each other, offer support and make connections. It was beautiful. Women from all different denominations coming together to enjoy lunch and be encouraged in the little corner of the world God has placed them. I found myself in a place to simply sit back and take a breath. 

Abruptly, the stillness of the morning is broken by a series of thumps from upstairs. I gulp the rest of my coffee, and bound upstairs.

Elise is awake, and it’s Potty Training, Day 1.

I just returned from a mission’s trip to Panama the beginning of this week. As I have tried to catch up on sleep and returning to our normal family routine I have begun to reflectively process all that I experienced while there.